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About goroo, the better trip planner.

goroo® is a multi-modal trip planner for Chicago and its metropolitan region. It was developed by the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) and utilizes the services of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra, and Pace.

goroo is a powerful online map and trip planner tool that provides its users with directions using a combination of bus or train routes, driving, biking, and walking directions. With the goroo trip planner you can also view travel itineraries, public transit schedules, maps, alternative routes, area attractions, travel alerts as well as suggested ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your trip.

With goroo you're easily able to:

  • Plan a multi-modal trip up to two weeks in advance incorporating Chicago and suburban train and bus routes, biking, walking, and driving directions.
  • View the cost and time of your trip, the number and specific locations of transfers and the total mileage and carbon emissions of your trip.
  • Select a more sustainable route with less emissions.
  • View, print, and email full train and bus schedules.
  • View next bus and train information of a selected route.
  • Check the weather at both your starting and destination addresses at the time of your trip.
  • Learn about major attractions along your route including: the week s events, restaurants, lodging, arts &entertainment, shopping &services, and sports &recreation.
  • Limit your search according to quickest, cheapest, least transfers, or least walking routes.
  • Limit your modes of transportation.
  • Select public transit routes with handicap accessible services.
  • Select public transit routes with parking facilities.
  • Select driving routes that avoid tolls and highways.
  • View your previous searches.
  • Save your preferred routes.
  • Receive email and text message alerts about your preferred routes.
  • Get travel tips and public transit tips.

Who is developing goroo?

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is providing regional coordination for the development of goroo as part of its commitment to developing innovative solutions to traditional public transit problems.

Technical and funding assistance is provided by the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration.

How does goroo work?

In order to provide correct and timely transportation-related information to travelers, goroo must obtain data from a large quantity of data providers and systems, listed below. For more information on the data providers, please visit the Partners Page.

Provider Data Supplied
Center for Neighborhood Technology Pounds of CO2 generated by transit, the average car, and the average SUV for a specified distance.
Chicago Transit Authority Bus location, train schedule adherence, transit schedules, and stop and station locations, real-time predicted arrival times.
Illinois Bureau of Tourism Attractions and events data.
Illinois Department of Transportation Incident information and construction for regional highways and tollways.
Metra Commuter Rail Train schedules, station locations and descriptions, fare information, station parking lot information.
National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Current and predicted weather.
Pace Suburban Bus Bus location, transit schedules, and stop location.
Standard Parking location, number of spaces, and rate information for parking lots throughout the region

This information is stored in a database where it is easily accessible by the goroo trip planner. The goroo Trip Planner Engine uses the data to create trip itineraries.

Why does the Chicago Area need goroo?

When the development of goroo began, the RTA conducted user research, which consisted of a user survey.

The key finding of the user research is that consolidation of travel information is very important. Multiple, disparate websites can cause people to miss useful information or be unaware of the extensive transportation options available in the region.

Accordingly, there is a need in the Chicago region for a traveler information system that is accessible, integrated, efficient, and offers modal choice.

Sixty-six percent of the survey respondents indicated that they will visit, on a weekly basis, a site that provides multi-modal trip planning.

What is the coverage area of goroo?

goroo will operate in the six-county northeastern Illinois region, which includes the City of Chicago and the counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, McHenry, Kane and Will. The region spans approximately 3,700 square miles and includes 272 municipalities.

goroo coverage will encompass 24,000 miles of interstate freeways, tollways, and principal and minor arterials. It will cover the operation of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), which includes 7 light rail routes and 152 bus routes, Metra's eleven commuter rail lines, and Pace's 233 suburban bus routes.